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Which impregnation agent should I use?

For the real canvas (army canvas) it is recommended to use Ultramar cotton and canvas protector.

For poly-canvas you can (if it is not the top layer) use Ultramar sprayhood & tent protector.

For poly-canvas and other synthetic fabrics, which are used as top layer, use Ultramar parasol & marquis protector UV resistant.

How should I store the yurt?

To store the yurt, it is very important that all parts are really dry. If you buy the yurt, you get the cloths in large special bags. You can also use these for storage. Take actions against moths, mice and other vermin. A frost-free storage is recommended. Do not place the wooden parts directly on the ground (or upright against the wall), but always put some pads underneath to allow air to pass through and to avoid settlement of any insects.

What care does my yurt need?

A yurt needs regular maintenance just like a house. And that starts before setting up your yurt.

Make sure that no moisture can evaporate from the ground in your yurt and that the walls cannot pull up humidity from the ground below.
Decide in advance whether you want to use the yurt all year or only in summer. Read the article above, which cloth combinations are possible. No matter what fabric combinations you choose, where people live, there will always be moisture in the air. For example by exhaling, due to the steam when cooking, etc. This moisture must be actively removed, and you can do that with heating (winter) or with a dehumidifier (summer).

Did you buy an unpainted and unlacquered yurt? Then treat all wooden parts at least twice with boiled linseed oil.
Did you buy a lacquered yurt? Then it's a good idea that you treat the wood with DD coating (2-component, UV-resistant). Thus, the wood will not turn gray. If treated accordingly, the annual maintenance is limited: check annually the wood of the crown, posts, poles, and door for cracks or seams: If necessary, you can fill it with wood filler, then sanding and painting it again. Special attention is also needed where the outside of the crown is exposed to wind and weather. For the walls and roof sticks annual maintenance is limited: just dust the roof poles with a damp cloth, and brush off the walls.
Check well the lower part of the walls: make sure that the the bottom of the walls have not suffered from moisture: otherwise they must be treated well. And also look for the cause of the moisture and fix this cause!

Outer cloth:
Every year the outer cloth, felt, and the inner cloth should be removed and cleaned. The outer cloth can be washed in a large washing machine.

We recommend to order together with the yurt also a second outer cloth. By having a second outer cloth in a different color scheme, you can change the color of your yurt with the change of seasons. And with the washing and drying, you do not need to wait until the best day of the year because the fabric after washing must be put back on the yurt immediately. This way you can choose a good moment when it suits you to impregnate the outer cloth on the inside and outside again. Please check in our webshop for the best materials for impregnating. Impregnating the outer cloth on the outside with a slightly more expensive UV-resistant treat is really not an excessive luxury, else the cloth and impregnation slowly dissolve due to the UV sunlight. Ventilate the felt annually, it is also a good time to check it on small holes, moisture, etc.

Interior cloth:
The interior fabric gets a bit dusty in the course of a year: in a large washing machine you can wash it at low temperatures. It may also be convenient to have a second cloth on stock (with other decorations or colors?): this way you do not need to wash, dry and put it back on the yurt on the same day. This way the annual cleaning is also a beautiful moment to provide your yurt with fresh colors!


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