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Are you fascinated by the stories you have heard about yurts, or, after visiting a yurt, do you want to have one of your own? Check out a yurt yourself, even if only once, and you will experience that special feeling that being in a yurt gives you.

Below you will find all the relevant information for purchasing a yurt.

Scope of delivery

The package includes a complete yurt, including insulation and sound solid wood door, thus well suited for use in winter conditions. You just need a solid surface or platform to build the yurt. Follow the internet links listed on the left for an explanation about each part of a yurt.
• Walls (fold-out wooden frame)
• Interior cotton cloth (wall and roof: white)
• A layer of Mongolian wool felt (washed felt with loops for hanging)
• White exterior cloth (layer 1), made of impregnated cotton fabric
• decorated exterior cloth (layer 2, outside layer) made of impregnated cotton fabric
• crown (tent spike or "Tonoo")
• columns to support the crown
• Roof sticks (beautiful strong and straight sticks)
• Door (default: no glass)
Urgh with rope (cloth for the crown windows)
• Ropes and straps

The size of a yurt is indicated by the number of walls (fold-out wooden frames): 3, 4, 5 walls and so on. With more walls the diameter and hence the height and volume increase.

In the following table you can see the prices of a certain diameter or area. For additional options, there are separate prices, marked in the table with a +. Please note these prices are for standard yurts. Most of the times our yurts are handmade on customer request but sometimes we also do have some yurts on stock. Check our Photo Gallery for many examples of yurts, which were sold in the last few years. A number of yurts with various options and models can also be found in our online store.

General Information:

 Number of walls4 Walls5 Walls6 Walls7 Walls
 Diameter5,1 m6 m6,7 m7,8 m
 Surface28 m228 m235 m248 m2
 Wall height (cm)155 170 170 185
 Door height (cm)155 170 170 185
 Door width (cm)110 153 153 165
 Window height (cm)155 170 170 185
 Window width(cm)140 144 144 155
 Sticks length(cm)200 240 260 310
 Sticks diameter(cm)4 x44,5 x 4,54,5 x 4,54,5 x 6,5
 Column length (cm)230 270 270 290
 Column diameter (cm)8 x88 x 88 x 89x12
 Crown diameter(cm)140 150 170 200
 Highest point (cm)250 300300330
 Weigth480kg710 kg850 kg940 kg


Your options when purchasing a complete jurt:

 Number of walls5 Walls6 Walls7 Walls
 Price of standard yurt (incl. VAT)€ 5.910€ 6.557€ 9.254
 Additional door€ 440€ 480€ 520
 Door with double internal doors€ 400€ 460€ 520
 Barn door (in stead of regular door)€ 220€ 240€ 260
 Door with window and windows left+right of door€ 220€ 240€ 260
 1 large window panel (double glazed)€ 440€ 495€ 550
 Lock in door€ 25€ 25€ 25
 Windows in crown*€ 330€ 370€ 405
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, without decoration€ -40€ -83€ -107
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, with decor (=Standard)---
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, complex decoration€ 148€ 138€ 239
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, without decoration€ 183€ 190€ 239
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, normal decoration€ 257€ 326€ 407
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, complex decoration€ 514€ 554€ 730
 Second layer of Mongolian wool felt (2 cm thick)€ 906€ 1.030€ 1.236
 Apron below (instead of sewn decorations)€ 89€ 93€ 123
 Golden hooks€ 24€ 24€ 24

* There are 8 windows in the crown: 4 roof windows with plexiglass, 3 wing windows with plexiglass and 1 window panel with fireplace hole.

Prices of spare parts:

 Number of walls4 Walls5 Walls6 Walls7 Walls8 Walls
 Interior cloth for the roof     
 Interior coth for the walls     
 Thick white canvas fabric (lower layer)     
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, without decoration     
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, with normal decor     
 Canvas fabric (outer) thick white, complex decoration     
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, without decoration     
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, normal decoration     
 Poly-canvas fabric (outer) thin white, complex decoration     
 1 layer of Mongolian wool felt (2 cm thick)     
 Urgh (with insulation) with decoration     
 Apron below (instead of sewn decorations)     
 Ropes for outside cloth     
 Ropes for inside cloth     
 Ropes for fold-out wooden frames     
 Roes for Urgh (crown window)     
 Ropes for wool felt     
 Ropes from crown to walls     
 Golden hooks     

Prices mentioned above include VAT, and are basis export., i.e. excluding transport from Rotterdam (Netherlands) to your address.
For larger yurts prices are available on request. Prices are subject to our final confirmation at time of order.

From a small yurt....                                                                                        to a large yurt....

Delivery time
It is possible to design your own yurt as you desire: for example an additional layer of felt, wood carving, decoration of your own design, additional windows or doors or even several yurts inter-connected. But please note that special requests can make for a longer production and therefore delivery time. From start of production to delivery in the EU takes about 6 months. But usually we carry yurts in stock. A number of options you may want, to personalize your yurt, can be ordered from our online store.

Most yurts we sell are manufactured specifically to customer requirements. The yurts are then produced in Mongolia and then have to come to Europe by container. This will take at least 6 months. It is therefore necessary that the customer pays a part in advance. We realize that not everyone wants to pay too much in advance and we have therefore decided to split the payment in 3 parts:
1/3rd when ordering.
1/3rd  pay when loaded in Mongolia. We send you photos by e-mail, and if you are satisfied, the yurt will be loaded for transportation.
1/3rd on collection.
Yurts we have in stock, you can reserve, but also by a 1/3rd downpayment (deposit).


If the container with the yurts has arrived in Rotterdam and we have done all the paperwork, the yurts can be picked up. We arrange a pick up or delivery date for the yurt with you. You are supposed to pick up your yurt within 4 weeks. After 4 weeks we ask € 5,- storagefee per week.
It is also possible to deliver the yurt to the desired address in Europe. Please contact us for the costs of transportation.

Building your yurt
Building a yurt is not difficult. But it can be useful to get experienced help the first time. We will be happy to help you!
Be sure to read our manual you can find on the left of this text.
For helping you to build up your yurt, we ask a fee of € 150, - (incl. VAT) and € 0,25 per kilometer from Rotterdam (Netherlands). You are required to support with at least 2 extra persons.

If you want us to build up your yurt completely, we ask a fee of € 350,- (incl. VAT) and € 0,25 per kilometer from Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Do you have questions?

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